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 bodyshop items 2

Body Preparation

Photo Product Code Description
1 BS-1 Stick of body solder
2 SP-150 Solder paint (150g)
3 SDP-10 Sound deadening pads (530mm x 190mm) in a pack of 10
SDP-4 Sound deadening pads (500mm x 500mm) in a pack of 4

Bodyfiller Spreaders and Squeegees

Photo Product Code Description
4 PS-10 Plain bodyfiller spreaders (pack of 10)
PPS-10 Printed plastic bodyfiller spreaders with own logo (pack of 10)
5 MS-4 Set of 4 metal spreaders
6 SQ-10 Rubber squeegees (76mm x 50mm x 4mm)
6a SQ-10L Rubber squeegees (100mm x 60mm x 4mm)

Windscreen Rubber Lifting Tape

Photo Product Code Description
8 SLT-10 Clear Lifting Tape (10m x 9.5mm)
SLTB-15 Blue Lifting Tape (15m x 7.5mm)
SLTO-20 Orange Lifting Tape (20m x 5.5mm)

Foam Rollers

Photo Product Code Description
7 FRT-1 Tray for foam roller
11 FRH-1 Foam roller handle
13 FRR-10 Foam roller refills (pack of 10)
14 FRR-10Q Premium quality roller refills (pack of 10)

Miscellaneous Bodyshop Items

Photo Product Code Description
9 TPB-50 Touch-up paint bottles (pack of 50)
10 WB-4 4-row wire brush
15 CCP-100 Colour check panels (pack of 100)
16 CW-1 Braided cheesewire (22m)
17 CWH-2 Pair of handles for CW-1